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Scion is proud to partner with the following organizations who share our values of empowerment through sport.

At PhysioDC we are motivated by our desire to restore our patients to full physical functionality and optimum health. We are an outpatient physical therapy and specialized personal training facility located in Washington, DC. We are equipped to determine the best method for treating nearly all conditions requiring physical therapy, including orthopedic based diagnoses. Our clients' levels of overall health vary widely, but our highly qualified staff  specializes in aiding all individuals, from those with medical conditions to dedicated athletes.


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BiPro is an all-natural whey protein isolate, made from milk. BiPro is one of the highest quality proteins available, with 2.5g of leucine. BiPro naturally contains branched chain amino acids, proven to be the building block for lean muscles.




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Walk into any Balance Gym and you'll instantly notice it's a world that appreciates that fitness is not "one-size-fits-all." We recognize that you are an individual and every one likes something a little different, so we offer a wide variety of workout options to choose from including CrossFit, Zumba, BootCamp, Yoga, Weightlifting, and more.

Arlington Pain and Rehab is the premier therapeutic destination for runners, rugby players, yogis, Crossfitters and athletic enthusiasts of all ages. We specialize in providing natural healthcare to members of the community who are injured as a result of sports injuries or suffer from chronic pain and have been offering chiropractic services in the Washington DC area for over 20 years.

The ultimate women's strength training app, we teach you how to lift and promote greatness and badassery. Download now on the App Store.


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"We use rugby to teach values and standards to underprivileged children in Cameroon"

Serge Betsen Academy has a proven model applied to all centers that continues to implement projects that are improving living conditions in the villages hosting our centers. 


Former USA Rugby Eagle Paul Sheehy is the owner of the 29th largest dealer group in the nation.  There are 23 stores located from Richmond, VA to Baltimore, MD! 


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